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Why book bakka?

Over 15 years of  cosplay brought a great deal of experiences:
Booths, judgings, panels, shootings, interviews and live presentations in front of an audience of sometimes hundreds of people with running cameras.

Included activities:

  • Q&As
  • Contest judging
  • Photo Ops
  • Live streams
  • Meet & Greets
  • Photo- and video shootings
  • Stage Q&As and Interviews
  • Panels (I currently offer “Junkrat Making-of”, “Professional Wig Styling” and
    “Best of bakka cosplay - ca. 15 years of cosplay")
Workshops and new panels are additionnal activities, see conditions in the PDF above

Included services:

  • My presence during every hour of the event
  • 200% involvement with the visitors (photos, videos, explanations, signings etc.)
  • Permission to use the images I send you for your promotion in any media wished for this one event
  • Public announcements at least: 30 days ahead and 7 days before and a lot during the event
  • Publishing a schedule announcing my presence and the content of the agreed program after signing the agreement
  • Preparations of the costumes, make-ups, props and wigs the days and hours before the event and their repair and cleaning the hours and days afterwards

Booth examples:

Depending on the travel method, big banners and booth systems will be joining the booth.
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Please contact me via facebook, if possible. :)

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