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Coat of Freedom

Coat of Freedom

PriceFrom €217.00

Screen accurate as possible heavy wool coats with a big embroidered classic patch (see patches) of ca. 26cm on the back and three patches on the chest and shoulders, thermo-adhesive and sewn on, green lining and functional pockets with detailed metal retro buttons.


- If you wish the highest quality patches, check the premium patches first, then contact us on Facebook (or before ordering.


- If you wish contouring on the coat itself (see pictures), contact us before ordering.


The Coat Sizes:

The shoulders are way narrower than the hips, so we name the shoulder width measured along the horizontal back seam between the shoulder seams.

FR36 = 36 cm

FR38 = 38 cm

FR40 = 39 cm

FR42 = 40 cm

FR44 = 40,5 cm

FR46 = 41 cm

Double-check the sizes, as refunds can't be guaranteed.



Photo session photo by Lightwav.


Thank you for your support!


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