Resistant resin plates with authentic weathering in multiple layers to join the shinobi universe. Custom and handmade, with a new traditionally inspired design update. The back is individually sanded to get the best adherence of the high quality two-component adhesive.


Plate options :

Designs (until now): 

  • Leaf, sand, mist, shinobi alliance, for strike-through: leave a note in the info box !


  • Velcro: To switch plates, but is less realistic, as it sticks out a lot
  • None


  • Flexible (discontinued due to unsatisfactionary quality: the paint can't hold as well)
  • Sturdy (can be shaped)


For headband check this article HERE ;)


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INFO: These resin plates can gently be heated and shaped at will. Contact us on Facebook (or instagram / e-mail) for further support.

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Ninja plates

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Village's plate design