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Wig head & stand

Wig head & stand

PriceFrom €27.00

Heavy ready-to-use wig stand with a durable Ø25mm wooden staff + a styrofoam wig head which works perfectly to store and transport every wig, beard and headpiece etc.




- Short staff for short wigs, beards etc : 35cm high wig stand (ca. 10-15cm staff inside a 25cm wig head)
- Long staff for long wigs, beards etc : 55cm high wig stand (ca. 30cm staff inside a 25cm wig head)

The wig head stands ca. 10mm above the wig stand's plate



- Without protection (Note : Heat, solvents etc damage styrofoam!)

- Two coats of very strong thermoshaped foil (strongly recommended!)


Every stand comes readily assembled with a strong screw, so the staff is removable at will, unless wished differently, leave a note in the order's info box. The screw is incorporated into the wooden plate to stabilise the stand further and prevent scatch damages to surfaces.

!  - Note -  Be sure to protect it from humidity (wooden staff) and heat (wig head)  !



- Additional rubber ring for more safety to prevent the wig head from slipping when upside down

- The stand's plates made of heavier varnished wood, either laser engraved or labeled, depending on availability.


Get skin adhesive kits here and wig kits here.



WIG CUSTOMERS recieve 1x styrofoam head + 1x wig head stand incluced in every wig commission !   :)

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