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Application & care

Having a custom wig is great. That is why you will want to make it last for a long time.


You want to know how to put on your wig or hairpiece safely? How to clean it after wearing or how to maintain it? We do not only provide you with your custom wig, but we also assist you with its longevity and turn your project into a shining success!

Fixating your wig

Every of our commissioned wig comes with a colour matching or subtle coloured wig cap, bobby pins, postiche needles and a wig net andsewn-in, matching wig clips if desired.

   Just adding many pins won't hold a wig in place. It's their strategic placement, the right techniques and the proper preparation of your own hair holding pieces in place. Yes, also thin hair can be used as a stable base, if done properly.

The strength of attachments shall be measured on the occasions. Some wigs might on some days only require a simple wigcap or wig net and a few or no pins at all. Other situations need the wig to sit as securely as possible (stunts for cyberpunk ring a bell?)

Be sure to follow these instructions to have the best experience with our wigs.


Preparation is key!

Braid your hair, form ‘snails’ or add hairspray or gel to secure your hair out of the way and create a stable base.

Pins are 'woven' into the wig into your own hair for a better hold. Attach them inbetween the wefts at the roots of the wig hair and then cover them with hair.

More about all this soon in my wig book… I’m working on it!


Glueing your hairpiece

Securing the wig

Knotted hairlines

Not all adjhesives are suited for lace hairlines. Many adhesives are shiny, others damage the fine lace and are as pleasent to remove as  chewing gum! C:

We offer a matte adhesive especially for lace hairlines as well as a special effect adhesive which fills up the lace's gaps and makes it less visible.

You need to be very careful with lace hairlines when securing them to your head. Also, avoid getting the glue on the hair itself.

Apply adhesive on your skin in a thin layer, let it pre-dry until it's sticky and press the lace on. Be sure to remove any residue from your tools and hands before handling the wig.

Glueing the hairline of a wig alone is not holding it in place.

Make sure to fixate your wig and THEN glue the hairline in place for additionnal hold or to avoid that the lace sticks up and casts shadows.

Skin adhesives

We provide all kinds of adhesives will advise you to choose the best suitable kit for the hairpiece you commissioned.

How you fixate your wig varies from wig to wig; a glued hairline is attached differently than a knotted hairline on lace.

Of course, you can order an adhesive kit seperatly in our shop as well. See the info page for a detailed kit description.

Mastix/Spirit gum

Mastix is an easy to use product and the most known in cosplay. Traditional spirit gum is shiny and stiff once dry unfortunately.
We offer variations to choose from: Hydro mastix (gentle and water based), Mastix P (very quick drying) and Mastix HD/TV (matte), all of which are available for your glue kit!

If you already have an adhesive and need it to be matte, we offer an extra mattefying liquid. Or you choose the matte Mastix straight away and can use both.

About adhesives

Cleaning your hairpiece

Cleaning your wig

Lace cleaning

Clean your lace carefully, as it is basically a fabric which frays when treated too harshly.
Use the remover corresponding the adhesive, let it settle before gently dabbing with a clean, not fuzzy towel until the lace is clean.

The lace adhesive kit comes with a cleaning brush and more useful helpers to care fot your hairpiece.

Be careful not to get the adhesive remover onto the hair, as it may harm the styling and custom coloration.

Lace and glued hairpieces

Wearing a high quality wig is amazing. The end of the day approaches, but the wig's lifetime should continue.
Make sure to clean your hair pieces, so the next time will be as a great experience as on the first time.

ATTENTION when cleaning wigs with a tinted hairline (“contouring”), as removers containing alcohol and solvents might dissolve the tint and stain. Same goes with other products containing alcohol and solvents for example hairspay and hairgels.

Level 3 styled wigs are waterproof, but we don't recommend washing them. You can clean the inner mount carefully where the head touches the wig.

If you know you’re sweating a lot, wear more wig caps (not the wig nets).

You can freeze the wig (without electronics, headpieces etc) to kill bacteria additionally. To desinfect the wig, only spray alcohol on the inside mount if the hairpiece is tinted, NOT the hair itself! You might harm the styling and dyeing.

Check the FAQ for more.

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