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-  A short story about bakka cosplay  -

Cosplay is a very personal passion since 2005 which led me to special effects.

In october 2005 I visited the Frankfurt Book Fair half in 'cosplay' and got in direct touch with cosplay for the first time. This led me to visit the AnimagiC in 2006 officially in a real cosplay: as a female Naruto without a wig or much make-up. 2020 was my 15th cosplay year celebration!

With every cosplay I reinvent my way of thinking and making, improve techniques, experiment with materials and incorporate cooperations with enterprises and colleagues.

The characters I choose are cheerful, energetic or even silly or naive, and therefore much fun to play (Junkrat, Naruto, Genie, Leeloo, Jiraiya). Sometimes I am tempted by very different characters (Shikamaru, Mononoke, Ranfan) because I love their lore and design. Genie and Mononoke are made from my own designs, based on the original movies (Aladdin and Ghibli's Mononoke).

The best part of cosplay beside the experimental crafting are the reactions of the people who see my creations as I can see straight into their eyes and share their joy and passion! There are no words for seeing a stoic man becoming a passionate child with sparkling eyes!

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-  Creations since 2005  -

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