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- What team bakka offers -


​With her expertise in traditional wig making and extravagant, non-traditional cosplay wig making, bakka has become one of the main wig artists worldwide so far.
Both cosplayers and muggles alike, as well as big companies like Blizzard, Piets Miet, Ubisoft, Anke Engelke, Maul Cosplay, Activision, Lightning Cosplay and more have made use of her unique work over the past years.


Soon 20 years of cosplay experience combined with a special effects diploma, bakka combines the best of both worlds.
See how she brings a big win for your events and promotions:

  Walking acts, booths, panels, workshops, stage Q&A, judging and daily contact with thousands of followers worldwide with whom she fluently communicates in three languages.


You as our customer will recieve personal attention to archieve your project at your wishes. This is our guarantee.
We love to make sure to always exceed all of our customer's expectations, so that only the best creations are delivered to your doorstep.

Order now and experience this one of a kind custom wig!

Photo by Sarah Jenak Ⓒ Ubisoft Assassins Creed Valhalla Live Action Movie. See Homepage for all credits.

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