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Customization Options


Everything physically possible can be accomplished thanks to the 15+ years of cosplay and special effect experience of team bakka. Everything can be customized to your wishes. Hair length and colour, shape, special effects, removable parts are just examples for endless possibilities. Only your imagination and wallet are the limit. See the options below or check the FAQ for all info.

( The numeration comes from the checklist to be filled out and sent )

Are you unexperimenced with hair pieces and intimidated by the options?
No worries! Take your time to check all details and images thoroughly (best on a computer)

and fill out the checklist as far as you can. We will help you to find the best choices for your project, requirements and budget afterwards!

8) Styling finish levels

The quality of the styling is set by the levels 1-3. This does not concern the hairline. 

All levels can vary. How exactly, will be set during the very detailed consulting.

A) Level 1

Level 1 styling is probably the option for those who wish for a more realistic looking wig.
This finish is very wild and dynamic in itself, with the hair moving more freely thus the surface not being too smooth.

Very low-maintenance, durable and flexible. Can be with a durable, shape-safe core. The whole wig is teased for maximal volume.

B) Level 2

Stable, resistant but still flexible core, external strands of hair making it very realistic and smooth, loosely added to the core, looking more natural but the external layer needs brushing and care during the day.

C) Level 3

A Level 3 styling is the most resilient and secure styling we offer, with every single hair being carefully draped and locked in place.
Wigs with this styling are perfect for conventions and perfect for a heavily styled look!