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Commission terms & conditions

1. Extent of the work:

Written agreement, condition for the development and payment of commissions.

Please do not delete your facebook account before the end of a running commission, or additional work, therefore costs may accur. If further communication becomes impossible, the worst case would be a cancellation of  the commission without refund.

  • Calculation of your personal, non-binding estimate of costs for 37€, refunded if the commission takes place

  • Procuration of the needed materials and/or tools, or guidance of their choice

  • Making of the commissioned piece(s)
  • Submitting the commissioned piece via mail or handover after the commission has been paid fully by the customer purchasing an insurance over the order’s value and tracking, plus premium express shipping worlwide, if desired.

Your personal calculation for every project:

  • All estimate of costs ("calculations") are not binding. You can request a calculation and not pursue the commission.

  • Researching all details of a projects takes a lot of time, the fee of 37€ is a protection and also compensation for sometimes hours of work. Is is to be sent to payment@bakkacosplay.com  (paypal.me/bakkaCosplay)

  • This calculation will be refunded within the calculation as soon as the commissions starts.

  • The prices researched at that time of the calculation can't be guaranteed over an extended amount of time. Providers prices and shippings conditions change regularly. We do our best to make your project happen with the named costs and inform you of needed asjustments in any case.

2. Payment:

The payment of the commissioned piece of work takes place in one or two instalments maximum, if not agreed differently, with min. 300 € for each instalment. One Instalment is min. 50% of the commissions’s price, unless the material costs exceed 50%, then the material costs count. The work on the commission begins only when the full amount or first instalment is transfered.

  • First : Payment of 37 € for the detailed and customised calculation

  • 1st instalment :   BEFORE we buy any materials

  • 2nd instalment : BEFORE shipping or handing over the piece of work

Please send a round sum first, then the remaining amount. For example: 1) 100€   2) 987,78 € = 1987,78


If instalments are desired, calculate +8€ for each transfer.

INFO : The dates of the instalments aren’t fixed dates. Only after having received the payment will we start the commission. The earlier you do the transfer, the earlier materials can be ordered and the commission begun.

3. Payment contact:


Add the following transfer details :

    • Real name and Facebook name (and instagram etc for social media mentions)

    • the commission (prop, wig, beard…)

    • description of the project (for example: blue spiky wig- 1st instalment…),

    • invoice number if available

Send to :

  • Bank transfer (€-countries) :

       Florence Heyer

       IBAN : DE32 5855 0130 0002 5596 31
      BIC :   TRISDE55xxx
      Sparkasse Trier

4. Other conditions:

  • The work on a commission starts at the earliest after the full payment or after the first instalment, including the full value of the materials, has been transfered successfully.

  • The shipping/handover of the piece of work will only happen AFTER the amount written on the invoice has been transfered successfully on the bank account of the consignee. The piece belongs to the consignee until the amount has been paid completly.

  • The consignee always seeks the best relation of price/quality to protect the budget. An unpredictable exceeding of the budget can’t be excluded unfortunatly. In this case however a solution will be found by reviewing the facts and inform the customer.

  • The order situation in the months of march-octobre is very busy. Please schedule your commission accordingly, min. 2-3 months in advance. Outside of this period of time 1-2 months in advance and always consider shipping time (material and finished piece). Express-commissions can be prioritised with an additional charge (up to 50% of the amount).

  • (active, clic-able) Tagging/linking in the networks and digital-/ print media like so: "[wig][beard][etc.] made by : @bakkaCosplay – transformation artist (Facebook)”, @bakkaCosplay (Instagram).”

  • Tracking and insured delivery is highely recommended. The consignee is not responsible for lost items.

  • The Commission includes a styrofoam head and wig stand and, depending on the kind of commission, a detangler.

  • There is no guarantee for the wig if treated with alcohol based fluids by the customer, i.e. disinfection alcohol, hairspray etc.

5. Agreement to the arrangements and conditions:

  • The customer accepts the arrangments and conditions above through a written consent to start a commission (via Facebook-Messenger), or through transfering the first instalment/the full amount.

  • By transfering the full amount or the first instalment, which is 50% of the full amount or the cost of the materials if these exceed, the client accepts the non-refunding of the paid amount after later cancelling of the commission.

  • As soon as the cancelling comes in during the commission, the accomplished working hours won’t be refunded but the value of the not used hourly rate will be.

  • If a problem occurs it must be settled with the consignee to solve it in person.

  • The consignee works as rigorous and high-quality as the budget permits. Reparations of self-inflicted damage of the piece of work by the customer will be seen as a new commission and charged as such.

6. Power of revocation

As each commission is an individual customisation after the customer’s wishes, there is no right of withdrawal.
(Germany : § 312d Abs. 4 Nr. 1 BGB)

  • The customer is responsible for the correct transmission of his measurements. Corrections of eventual deviations and therefore changing the piece of work will be seen as new commission.

  • The artist sends photos of the work in progress, if desired, and informs the customer about the status of the commission. The customer’s approvals are definitive.

  • The artist isn’t responsible for any alternations of the materials to be ordered after their approval by the customer (re-stocking, change of supplier or the shop…).

7. Accountability

Purchased articles may contain latex and/or silicones. The customer is committed to inform about intolerences and allergies. The contractor is not liable for possible caused damages or injuries.

The conversations between the commissioner and the client are exclusivly read to sort and organise the incoming commissions by a third party, to insert all needed information into the organisation platform Trello.

Due to the status “small business” (Kleinunternehmerstatus) (Germany : § 19 UStG) the consignee doesn’t charge any taxes, nor does he evict taxes.

The ultimate test:  If you really have read, understood and accepted these conditions, send a “Wohooo!” with your checklist next to your approval of the terms & conditions ! XD