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- bakka's shop -


Due to too many kind customers ordering and
excessive paperwork, items take time to be created.

I add this info again, seeing that it's still unknown
that I create items mostly alone.

Excuse the inconvenience, please. <:')



Take your cosplay to the next level with these props of high detail, screen accuracy and quality:
Accessories, shuriken and kunai replica, flirt books, glowing head pieces and much more!


Pre-Order your custom wig or beard now and get highly durable and quality hair work.

From realistic to excentric, our team will realise all you wishes imaginable!

Check out our info page!


Support bakka by getting a hold of some limited and unique handmade  items! 

Or get merch with bakka's #FLOuff: bags, shirts, mugs, pendants and more.



May it be Junkrat blowing up a city, Mononoke scavenging the woods or Kakashi openly showing what he's reading  –  Get limited and highest quality photo prints, framed and signed if you wish. ;D


No space on the wall? Use a folder and keep your collection safe! :D

- Materials & tools -

bakka's recommendations


Many followers and clients ask us where we purchase what materials and tools. We spend many days in creating this ever growing list for you, with everything you need to build the greatest creations!

Every purchase supports team bakka a tiny bit, so feel free to browse and contact us if you miss items in the list! :)

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