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Custom wigs & beard commissions

 since 2005

- Our promise -

​15 years of cosplay experience combined with her special effects degree bakka cosplay combines the best of both worlds.

With her expertise in traditional wig making for movies, theatre and opera as well as experience within the field of non-traditional cosplay wig making, bakka has become a power house and go to over the years.
Both cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike as well as big companies, like THQ Nordic, have made use of her one of a kind wigs and beards over the past years.

Every customer is valued and every wig and beard shall get the same attention, which is a bakka guarantee.
We love to challenge ourselves and make sure to always exceed your expectations in order to deliver you the very best product.

Order your wig/ beard now and experience your one of a kind custom wig yourself!

- Pricing -


Additionally to personal client support to choose the best options and researching the technique and materials:


Included are:


Level 2 styling finish

Texture & volume

Contouring/root tinting


Wig head

Wig stand

Matching wig cap

Hair clips and needles

Props & more available in the shop

Price example!

ca. 690€  to 1270€

Every commission is different!

Each commission is calculated and manufactured individually for every customer and their specific wishes.
This prices vary, depending on your location, options and materials.
Check the examples to get an insight what to roughly expect – every individual order being calculated anew every time!



For more info check the FAQ.

- Customization Options -

Colouring, shading and highlight for your custom wig


Realistic, longlasting and easily to wear and maintain updo styles

Custom made hairlines made to fit you, your needs and your character

Everything from a more fluffed up to a 100% controlled and “event-proof” wig

bakkaCosplay OC wig red with sidecut.jpg

Side- and under-cuts for all your edgier stylings


Adhesive kits assembled for you and your wigs requirements

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All options are explained in detail

for for your project's best choices!


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