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Special effect creations

A selection
Individual projects are below

All credits on the photos and in progress

The projects

Warner Bros. Back4Blood Promotion Masterclass

Warner Bros. commissioned me to host a Make-up MasterClass online for different influencers around Halloween, to promote their release of "Back4Blood".

After months of preparations, it was much fun to transform Sopikko, while teaching the attendees make-up techniques, material details and decomposing anatomy!. :D Materials were provided by #mehronmakeup the brand linked to this promotion... #WBPromotion #WBSponsored

Cyberpunk 2077 - Phoenix Programm

High end shortfilm in 2020 by Vi-dan Tran, Michael J. Hilli, Darc Marvid with Maul Cosplay, Andy Long, Gong Bao, Eskindir, Stylouz, Paul Cless and many young professional talents.

I was in charge of all villains' and many extras and cameos, but also supported the costume and prop department, p.ex creating Gong Bao's faceframe from scratch.

Zombie Special effect make-up

Call of Duty Black OBS III promotion walking act special effect make-up on DerJay of PietsMiet during gamescom 2015: Gelatine special effects, bodypaint, hair, teeth, lenses and complete clothes weathering on location. The first visitor resognizing him won the promotion's price.