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Junkrat / Jamison Fawkes (Overwatch)

Late 2015 Shellshocked Props asked for advice for the wig of this character he planned coslpaying for fun for gamescom 2016.
As a fellow crafter, I was happy to help... and fell in love with the design and character. I decided to make this cosplay with him. This was the ebginning of 6 very intense months, which I lengthened to over a year, always adding details and improving parts.

A huge thank you goed to AdvancedCosplayTechnologies, Wayne's Workshop, as well as Marian and Dirk from the makerspace DingFabrik and Urikal/Nico Maas. They all added a whole new level to the project with smoke and LED-effects! See more details in my facebook album.

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