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Custom tattoo sleeve

Custom tattoo sleeve


- ATTENTION - Due to too many kind customers ordering, the shop it limited and doesn't allow orders with highely customable items like the Sensei masks Shinobi example. Excuse the inconvenience. bakka <3
Custom made tattoo sleeve with individual design!


The tattoo is :
- matt
- durable
- re-usable
- seamless
- stretchy : Fits all
- hand washable
- looking real : everyone thinks it's genuine !

-> I wear mine for 2,5 years, it's still nice ! :D

Sew it on a harnest -OR- commission one.


This is a custom made item.

Please pre order on time.

You can also message me on facebook to order.

Washing :
Very carfully, without rubbing, no aggressive products, no machines, it's still handmade. ;)

photo credits : eosAndy, Kosupics

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