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Glowing Hacker Headpiece

Glowing Hacker Headpiece

PriceFrom €17.00

The pieces fit every head shape and size. Worldwide delivery

1) Headpiece, perfectly even light, SUPER thin with silver pigmented resin tips
2) Headpiece, no light, very flexible & stretchy, latex


Shipped very well secured with insurance and tracking.



  • Attention


    I give no guarantee or accountability if the pieces are handled inappropriately.
    You can glue these pieces to your wigs or pin it to your hair, but DO NOT pierce, fold, contort or otherwise stress any the part of this piece!).
    You can get attachment additionally if as desired. ;)

  • Why not LEDs?

    See here the difference between LEDs (brighter, but shows dots) and EL (even light, but not as bright)
    If LEDs are desired, contact me on or

  • International Shipping Info

    Shipping lithium batteries via plane is forbidden since 2017.
    I found a solution, though:
    For oversea oders, I install connectors on the powerbox’s cables, on which you quite simply connect your battery. I provide you with two fitting connection pieces (+2x back-ups), to connect the battery ordered in your location.

    --> Check here on how to attach your lithium battery!

    Otherwise it would mean to normal batteries, which isn’t ecologically responsible or costs you more by buying a charger for rechargeable batteries.

  • Safety note!

    I always do my very best to provide you with a work piece I can be proud of. This is a handcrafted item with no industrial consistency.

    And if the safety notes are neglected, the piece will break or you might get hurt.

    Do not put the EL, cables, battery or any other part of this piece into contact with sharp objects, fire, extreme temperatures, humidity or water.
    Do not bend or fold, stress the piece. Do no open the box without my written approval, nor use any other battery without electrical knowledge and do not overcharge the battery.

    And do never not enjoy this handmade piece! :D

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