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Kunai bag & bandages

Kunai bag & bandages

PriceFrom €12.00

- NOTE - Due to too many kind customers ordering, orders with highely customable items are limited, like wigs, beards and the Shinobi masks etc. Excuse the inconvenience, please!

bakka <3


Screen accurate kunai bag for cosplay (ca. 19x7x4cm) and durable bandages for the upper leg and/or ankles with authentic weathering, optionally with battle damage weathering.


Options :

- Classic authentic weathering, see photos

- Heavy battle damage weathering (see headbands)

Send your thigh's circumferende in the notes:  Measure your leg twice: while standing and squatting.  Don't have a flexible measuring tape? Use a non-elastic band, lace or ribbon and measure the circumference on a ruler.  If not applicable, type:   -  /  -



Location cosplay pictures:  SamNightArt     _     Studio cosplay pictures: Baumography

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