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Print+TouchScreen: Naruto inspired

Print+TouchScreen: Naruto inspired


You want to see & touch & own a piece of bakka's work? :D You can! With these unique and limited #CosplayTouchScreens.


One TouchScreen-Duo includes:

- 2x Wooden picture frames
- 3x Passepartouts
- 1x Quality photo print. Signed if desired, leave a note in the info box
- The original materials and/or prop pieces of the cosplay
- 1x Authenticity certificate inspired card with wax seal, label and dated signature
- Stickers, gifts and more ♡


  Options (as soon as pre-orders for this TouchScreen are open again!):

1) With many different mixed materials + costume pieces : Fabrics&pipings, (p)leathers, rivets, bandages etc…

2) Mixed materials + costume pieces : Village plates, weapons, masks, explosive tags, spirals, glasses…


All ‘Cosplay TouchScreens’ are handmade unique pieces.

For custom-made #CosplayTouchScreens : message me and Specify your wishes (p.ex. which materials, design, photo print...). I will fulfill your wishes as close as possible, while still makig unique pieces! :D



Cosplayphoto:  Baumography

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