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- ATTENTION - Due to too many kind customers ordering, the shop has to be limited and doesn't allow orders with highely customable items like wigs, beards and the Shinobi masks for example. Excuse the inconvenience, please!

bakka <3



Check HERE for Ninja Gloves & Plates!


Resistant resin headbands + plates with authentic weathering in multiple layers to join the shinobi universe. Custom and handmade, with a new traditionally inspired design update. The back is individually sanded to get the best adherence of the high quality two-component adhesive.


- Headband variants -

  • Classic straight headband, ca. 107cm length
  • Diagonal across your left eye

   Custom headband options

  • Longer headband: Order "other" and use the info box !


- Plate options -

Designs (for now):

  • Leaf, Sand, Mist, Shinobi Alliance...
    Soon: Sound, Rain, Hot Water, Rock, Cloud (contact me! See below.)


For The Missing-Nin Strike-through: Leave a note in the info box before ordering.



  • Velcro: Useful to switch plates, but less realistic and sticking out more
  • Glued on: Most realistic, as it lays flat to the fabric (recommended!)



  • Classic: Subtle weathering, see images
  • Battle damage with realistic details: scratches, dirt, realistic fake blood.


More images on instragram !

Ninja headbands & plates.

PriceFrom €57.00
Headband Colour
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