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Ninja headbands & plates

Ninja headbands & plates

PriceFrom €57.00

- NOTE - Due to too many kind customers, orders take time and highely customable items like wigs, beards and the Shinobi masks had to be limited. Excuse the inconvenience, please! bakka <3


Resin headbands + plates with authentic weathering to fit the shinobi universe. Now with a new traditionally inspired design update. The back is thoroughly sanded for best adherence.


- Plate options: Village Designs -   (for now)

  • Leaf, Sand, Mist, Shinobi Alliance...
    Soon: Sound, Rain, Hot Water, Rock, Cloud (pn me)

 For Strike-through plates: Add "Missing-Nin" to the info box.


- Weathering -

  • Classic: Subtle weathering for an authentic metallic look
  • Battle damage with realistic details: scratches, dirt, fake blood


- Headband options -

  • Classic straight headband, ca. 107cm
  • Diagonal across your left eye
  • Long headband, ca. 140cm


Go HERE for Ninja Gloves & Plates


Check instragram for more.



    Want a custom made piece ? Contact me !

    Headband Colour
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