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- ATTENTION - Due to too many kind customers ordering, the shop has to be limited and doesn't allow orders with highely customable items like wigs, beards and the Shinobi masks for example. Excuse the inconvenience, please!
bakka <3


Accurate Shinobi Masks available with different options.

Please send your measurements for your custom made mask on facebook (or e-mail / instagram)


Contact us on Facebook for custom requests!

Mask options :
- Blue fabric

- Black fabric

- Weathered bandages (images soon!)
- Airbrushed contouring (the mask in the first video, the headband is without)

- Fabric mask without velcro
- Face shell and detachable attachments (see video here)
A combination of options


  • Yes, you can speak and breathe easily with my masks. It's fabric over a durable shell with hidden holes
  • Send your custom requests on Facebook (instagram isn't made to manage messages ;P)
  • The masks close with velcro and are attached by hooks and durable waxy cords or nylon. If desired differently, tell me via Facebook.


Maintenance : Do NOT expose the mask's shell to warmth or heat or it will loose its shape!

Warning: The mask covers your mouth and face, so be aware of that. These masks are not medical masks protecting from bacteria and viruses! <D  Or like the Germans say: „Achtung: Dieses Spielzeug bietet keinen Schutz.“

Shinobi mask

PriceFrom €47.00
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