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Shinobi mask

Shinobi mask

PriceFrom €47.00

- NOTE - Due to too many kind customers, orders take time and highely customable items like wigs, beards and the Shinobi masks had to be limited. Excuse the inconvenience, please! bakka <3


Accurate Shinobi Masks available with different options.

Please send your measurements (see "commissions" -> "order") for your custom made mask on facebook (or e-mail / instagram)

Options :
- Blue fabric

- Black fabric

- Weathered bandages (images soon!)
- Airbrushed contouring (the mask in the first video, the headband is without)

- Fabric mask without velcro
- Face shell and detachable attachments (see video here)
A combination of options


  • Yes, you can speak and breathe easily with my masks. It's fabric over a durable shell with hidden holes
  • Send your custom requests on Facebook   [ instagram isn't made to manage messages :') ]
  • The masks close with velcro and are attached by hooks and durable waxy cords or nylon. If desired differently, tell me via Facebook.



DISCLAIMER : Do NOT expose the mask's shell to warmth or heat or it will loose its shape!


Warning: The mask covers your mouth and face, so be aware of that. These masks are not medical masks protecting from bacteria and viruses! <D  Or like the Germans say: „Achtung: Dieses Spielzeug bietet keinen Schutz.“


Cosplay pictures: @Bardshots   _   @SamNightArt

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