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- ATTENTION - Due to too many kind customers ordering, the shop has to be limited and doesn't allow orders with highely customable items like wigs, beards and the Shinobi masks for example. Excuse the inconvenience, please!

bakka <3


Anime and manga accurate shinobi



shoes made of resistant rubber and pleather. Available with different options

AVAILABLE OPTIONS:  (send us detailed wishes)

- Heavy weathering / battle damage
- Authentic, touchable weathering

- Visual accents (see the option colour: "contouring")
- Additional attachment details

  ! Before ordering: Note the length of your foot (cm) !
How to measure: Stand with full weight on a mesurement tape, heel touching the wall. Measure from the wall to the longest tip of the toes. Using a sheet of paper might falsify the measurement.
 We will add 1 cm on this to give you the needed comfort.

Shooting photos: Baumography

Shinobi shoes

PriceFrom €77.00
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