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Items available from the bakka shop
Autumn 2021

Thank you for your patience!

We will be back as soon as possible.

Check updates on instagram @bakkaCosplay


Digital vouchers or handmade and signed gift certificates


bakka mugs, bags, shirts, sweaters, mugs and more.

Kakashi_IchaIchaParadise_Books_Prop_Naruto_cosplay_bakkaCosplay (6).jpg

- Sensei bells

- Shuriken bags

- Shoes (without fabric details)

- Some kunai and spirals

- Sensei books (classic & texturised.

  Not weathered or reincorced with

  fabric or other)

Samurai Naruto will get his screens with all details, soon ! :D   Any wishes?

Many new quality photo cosplay prints.

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