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Sombra headpiece informations



After over 3 years of pattering, testing and many prototypes, I present you a limited set of glowing headpieces.

BUY them HERE or contact me via facebook!


EL naturally gives a high tone, but which is easily overheard during an event like a convention.

! Safety notes !

I do more than my best to provide you with a piece I can be proud of. This is a handcrafted item, there is no guarantee for industrial consistency. If the safety notes aren’t respected, the piece will break or you might get hurt.
! Do not put the battery and EL into contact with sharp objects, fire, extreme temperatures, humidity or water.
Do not bend or fold, nor open the box without agreement, nor use any other battery without electrical knowledge, do not overcharge it.



For international clients/overseas, ergo, plane transport:

Shipping lithium batteries is forbidden since beginning of 2017.
I found a solution though:

The powerbox’s cables got connections on which you can connect a battery. I provide you with 2 opposite connection pieces (plus 2 back-up pieces), which connect the battery which you have to order in your own country. Otherwise we will have to use normal batteries, which costs you more and isn’t ecologically responsible.

Battery needed : 

tension of 3,7 Volt, size: 1 cm x 3,4 cm x 5 cm, battery ‘charge’: 1800mAh are recommended, which hold up to ca. 7 hours of constant lighting!

(Battery example for american clients)



1) Take the two cables of the purchased battery and isolate ca. 3mm of their tips (pincers, fingernails, scissors…)


2) Repeat for each cable the following: Put one isolation tube over one cable with the round side first.

3) Take one connect metal piece on the flat side and lay the cable of the battery on the other side, towards your finger


4) Slide the cable in, so that half of it is still isolated and the other free. Secure the cable with aditionnal soldering


5) Slide the isolation tube over the metal, while being very careful to not rip the cable from the metal piece!


6) Slide the newly installed connectors into the ones of the powerbox: IMPORTANT : Red cable together and the black cable together


7) Arrange the cables to the side of the battery carefully, so they don’t disturb the closure of the powerbox. Close the powerbox. Secure it with superglue or tape if desired


8) Charge the battery inside of the powerbox via micro USB connection outside the powerbox (do not use a quick charge USB plug!). The red light shows that it’s charging. Green light means it’s fully charged, disconnect the charging cable then.


9) Plug the white connections together like shown in the picture


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