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How to order

To get started with your custom wig, send us the filled out checklist via Facebook.

For questions check our FAQ and terms and conditions!

If you think: "So much to decide! I am unexperiemenced!"
Our commissions are custom made to your needs, so we need to know hat you wish.

Please fill out as much as you can and we will help with the emaining questions.

  1. Request

    • You send -all- info of the checklist via facebook, so we can create your project's personal, non-binding calculation. We refund the calculation's fee of 37€ when you placed your order and the commission starts.

  2. Start

    • The commission starts as soon as the (pre-)payment arrived (total or first instalment).

    • We order the materials and begin to work.

  3. Working

    • We send updates as soon as there are news about the current status of your commission.

    • Your approval of every of these steps is binding. Wishes of chages afterwards are possible, but might cause additionnal costs.

  4. Finish

    • You will recieve your commission at an event or shipped after your final approval and complete payment.

For all info, check the FAQ and terms & conditions

A speed-briefing about how commissions work:

- Checklist -

 List to copy, fill out and send us:

1)  Reference pictures, see guide lines:

2)  Destination Country:

3)  Deadline (date, not event!)
4)  Budget? (How much do you plan to invest?)

5)  Bank transfer or paypal? (For non-€ only, if not agreed differently)

€-countries: Bank transfer

Worldwide :

6)  1 or 2 instalments, see payment

7)  You approval of the terms and conditions. (We can tell if you read them; #EasterEgg) ;)

The options:

8)  Which Styling Level?
9)   Modified Hairline
? Which one?

10)  Modified Neck? Which one?
11)  Tinted roots / contouring?
12)  Updo? Which one?

13)  Side-/Undercut? Which one?

14)  Wig Fixation? Clips or wig band?
15)  Adhesive Kit? Which one?

16) Detailed contact info:
- Full name, current shipping and billing adress:
- Current valid e-mail address and valid paypal-address:

- Current phone number with country code for your local post officers:
- Transfered calculation fee of 37€, via he same payment method as for the commission:

How to write an international address:


[Full name]

[Adress add-on : Apartment, alt. destinator etc.]

[Street + house number]

[Postal code + city + State]


[Phone number with country code]

[E-mail address]

Take your measurements

To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend to ask a second person to assist you.


Pull your hair up and back and ideally use hairproducts and wear a wig cap like you would under your wig.
If you want to be extra safe, it is recommended to provide us with a tape copy of your head shape. See the tutorial  here.

It is important that you pay utmost attention when measuring. Be aware that you are responsible for the correct measurements you provide. Changes caused by incorrect measurements may result in additional costs. See terms & conditions.

Measurements for wigs and other head-appliances:

Copy and complete:

  1. Circumference:  cm

  2. Ear to ear over hairline:  cm

  3. Front to nape:  cm

  4. Circumference diag.:  cm

  5. Ear to ear:  cm

  6. Nape width:  cm

  7. Temple to temple horizon.:  cm

  8. Ear to ear over top:  cm

  9. Temple to temple over top:  cm

  10. Ear to ear over nose:  cm

Our Team.

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