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Customization Options

Everything physically possible can be accomplished thanks to the 15+ years of cosplay and special effect experience

of team bakka. Everything can be customized to your wishes.

Hair length and colour, shape, special effects, removable parts are just examples for endless possibilities.

Only your imagination and wallet are the limit. ;)

See the options below or check the FAQ for all info.

The numeration comes from the checklist to be filled out and sent.


H) & J)  Hairline & neck

This concerns the hairline (glued or hand-knotted/ventilated). This is not the wig styling!

No matter the styling – your wigs hairline needs to fit the demands you have for the wig.
Be aware: not all hairline options fit every wigs purpose but none are superior to the other!

A) Glued hairline

Wigs with a glued hairline are quickly applied, easily cleaned and longlastingh, see wig care.

Choose this hairline if you aren't familiar with wigs or even lace wigs or don't want to be bothered with the maintainance of a lace after every wearing. The look of a glued hairline can be more expressive and comic-like look or more realistic. As you wish!

B) Handknotted hairline

The handknotted hairline gives a realistic look, as it can be customized down to the single hair. It provides a realistic look and can even be HD compatible, if desired. The lace requires more attention in its appliance and maintenance though, see wig care.

Remember to book the adhesive kit with it.

+ OC schwarz SIMS Perücke_Quadrat_1.jpg

i) Colour

The fibers are handselected and the base materials purchased regionally and internationally to offer you the best for your project. You can also book your personal custom colour if as desired.

The overall colour can be altered, as well as ombrés and also details for shading and highlights.

A) Ombré and overall tinting

Ombré fading colours or completely custom colour palettes just for you – there are no limits!

Projects can have different shades like an ombré. The reference pictures you sent with your request usually decide this option, but for OCs, this is good to know what's possible.

B) Contouring & Root tinting

Contouring and root tinting is very characteristic for a bakka wig and gives it an incredible depth and realism, as well as dynamic looks like in games and animations.
Take your wig to the next level and choose this option for your project.

Look at the before/after pictures and see for yourself!


Though the wig has to cover up your real hair, this still gives us endless versatility.

We offer custom side- and undercut options for different budgets, from imitation to maximum realism and

giving you the possibility to turn into any character you want without having to shave your head!

A) Imitated Side-/undercut

B) Knotted Side-/undercut

C) Glued Side-/undercut

A high quality wig plus the right techniques is enough hide your own hair under the side-/undercut area.
This version of the side/-undercut is rather fluffy and is the least expensive, which makes this the perfect option if you are on a tighter budget.

It also is the best breathing one and the easiest to maintain, as there are no prosthetics built in.

This version of the side-/undercut might be the most labour intensive one, but is definitely looks the most authentic. The skin imitation latex piece (silicone possible) integrates well into the knotted hairline and your own skin and looks amazing on pictures, in videos and in real life.
You can dye the skin piece to your personal skin tone individually.

With this option you get a fusion of the previous two options: A sturdy and definitely longlasting wig!
This is the most time consuming wig, the handmade latex skin piece (silicon is possible) is covered with hair one by one, strand by strand, to simulate a shaved head.
If you need a resilient wig which is easily maintain ed this is the best option for you!

bakkaCosplay OC wig red with sidecut.jpg


We offer two options for updos. You can choose them depending the task, style and budget.

Wether it's a bun or a ponytail, we offer a clean updo, which is longlasting or versatile. Depending your wishes we can also make it practical with the special “bakka” updo!

INFO: We talk about the hair laying on the head itself, not the ponytail/bun!

A) The imitated updo

PRO : Quicker, cheaper, low-maintenance, variable and removable, more hold with the clip grabing the own hair.

CONTRA : Less realistic, less accurate, less sturdy (only clipped in), more weight due to the additionnal hair.

B) The "bakka" updo

PRO : Accurate and realistic, can be combined  with the longlasting level 3 styling.
CONTRA : This option should be combined with  a modified neck (glued, handknotted or fluffed)
See  hairlines for the modified neck options.




Removable updo

One wig, two characters!

Save space, make transport easier and save time and money by choosing the removable and exchangeable updo for a flexible change between versions and characters!

K) Styling finish levels

The quality of the styling is set by the levels 1-3. This does not concern the hairline. 

All levels can vary. How exactly, will be set during the very detailed consulting.

A) Level 1

Level 1 styling is probably the option for those who wish for a more realistic looking wig.
This finish is very wild and dynamic in itself, with the hair moving more freely thus the surface not being too smooth.

Very low-maintenance, durable and flexible. Can be with a durable, shape-safe core. The whole wig is teased for maximal volume.

B) Level 2

Stable, resistant but still flexible core, external strands of hair making it very realistic and smooth, loosely added to the core, looking more natural but the external layer needs brushing and care during the day.

C) Level 3

A Level 3 styling is the most resilient and secure styling we offer, with every single hair being carefully draped and locked in place.
Wigs with this styling are perfect for conventions and perfect for a heavily styled look!

Moustache Auftrag_CHOIX.jpg
Madara Perücke Studio Fotos_Quadrat_4.jp
+ Kakashi 3.jpg

To make sure you do not have to worry about anything once you have your wig we make sure to also offer an adhesive kit with every order.

Get your personal adhesive kit perfect for you wigs needs, including applicators, removers and more:

​​Adhesive Kit Classic:

Special Effect adhesive (Mastix), adhesive remover, cotton-/hygiene buds

Adhesive Kit Matte:
Special Effect adhesive (Mastix MATTE), adhesive remover, cotton-/hygiene buds

Adhesive Kit Extra:
Lace filling Special Effect adhesive, adhesive remover, cotton-/hygiene buds

Adhesive Kit Bald Cap:
Special Effect adhesive (ProsAid), adhesive remover, cotton-/hygiene buds, liquid latex

Hair tapes:

Attach your hairpieces without having to clean adhesives residue. Quick and easy attachment. (Available with your commissions only)

Find all adhesive kits in our shop as well,

if you wish to buy them later on.

Save shipping fees: Order with you wig!


M) Adhesive Kits & Fixation


L) Fixation

Order attachments to secure your wig additionally:


– Sewn in wig clips: Strong, punctual your hold, own hair shall be prepared underneath, see “and now?“.
– Wig band in matching colour : Easy and quick way to hold the wig in place, but it takes more space and is less secure.

- Pictures soon! -

Taking your measurements

To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend to ask a second person to assist you.


Pull your hair back and ideally use hairspray and wear a wig cap like you would under your wig.
If you want to be extra safe, it is always a good idea to provide us with an extra tape head shape copy of you. See the tutorial here.

It is important that you pay utmost attention when measuring. Be aware that you are responsible for the correct measurements you provide. Changes caused by incorrect measurements may result in additional costs. See terms & conditions.

Zeichenfläche 1@4x-100.jpg

You as the customer are responsible for the correct measurements to ensure a good fit. Changes might cause additional costs, see conditions. Make a plastic head copy when required please, we will be consulting you personally.

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