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Sannin headband

Sannin headband

PriceFrom €170.00

Resin headbands + plates with authentic weathering to join the shinobi universe!

NEW : traditionally inspired design update.


    Contact me for custom wishes.


    Check out the Ninja Gloves, Headbands and cosplay prints!

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    © 'Jiraiya' belongs to Masashi Kishimoto-sensei and is a temporary place holder !   ♡

      Headband Colour
      • Creation time

        - NOTE - Due to too many kind customers, orders take time and more customable items like wigs, beards and specific costume props are limited. Be patient with me, please.  bakka  ♡

      • Options

        - Weathering -

        • Classic: Subtle weathering, authentic metallic look
        • Battle damage : Realistic details, like scratches, fake dirt, blood
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