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Sensei wig

Sensei wig

PriceFrom €1,370.00

High quality Kakashi inspired cosplay wig made of authentic looking and durable synthetic hair (recommended, but customisable by request, send a message).


Props and costume pieces are in the shop. For even more items, send a message.


 Included are:

  The wig:

- Wig materials & styling products

- Styling level 2 or 3 (see below or the wig options)

- Contouring & root tinting and materials (see options)

- Realistic texturing handwork and hair cut

  The equipment:

- Wig head + wig stand (see shop)

- Hair clips, pins, bands, needles... etc (see shop)


- Optional: Adhesive kit incl. remover, cleaning brush, helpers etc : Buy it in the shop with your order!

Styling options:

Level 2 - Durable and flexible core with external strands of hair, loosely added to the core, for a naturally authentic look

Level 3 - Very durable shape-keeping and flexible core and surface, low-maintenance for years. Every strand stays in place! See commission options for info and example pictures.


Your measurements are needed for best fit! Check the commission info to measure correctly.



Due to too many kind customers ordering, the shop has to be limited and doesn't allow orders with highely customable items like wigs, beards and the Shinobi masks for example. Excuse the inconvenience, please!  Thank you, bakka


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