Kakashi inspired cosplay wig (Props not included, to buy props, check our shop)


The pictures show styles indipendently to the chosen styling level!


Included are:
- Wig & styling materials
- Styling level 2 or 3


Level 2: Durable and flexible core with external strands of hair, loosely added to the core, for a naturally realistic look

Level 3: Very durable shape-keeping and flexible core and surface, very low-maintenance. Every strand stays in place!
See commission options for more info!

- Contouring & root tinting
- Hair cutting
- Clip fixation
- Realistic texturing
- Adhesive kit with remover, cleaning brush and more hygiene accessories


Your measurements are needed to get the best fit!

Check our commission info to see how you take your measurments.

Sensei wig

PriceFrom €1,270.00