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Wig Kit

Wig Kit


A useful all-around wig kit available in light, medium and dark, incl. p.ex. :

- Wig cap

- Wig net, fits every head

- Velvet band with adjusting velcro

- Velvet band with elastic and adjusting sliders

- Velvet band with lace top, ca. 4cm

- Translucent Silicone band


Needles in matching colours:

- Bobby pins

- Wig clips/grips

- postiche needles (-> the best! Always dark, but fully invisible, when used correctly!)
  Items and colours depending on the current availability.


Get skin adhesive kits here and wig kits here.


Tipp: Choose the colour to match your skin or your wig's 'roots' instad of your wig's overall colour. ;)

The two last items are the least bought, but the most important for best wig fixation!


! Soon !  Super strong needles 10cm and long needles of ca. 13cm. Soon in this shop!

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