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List to copy, fill out and send us:

(write none if not applicable)

A)  Reference pictures, see guide lines:

B)   Destination Country:

C)  Deadline (date, not event!)
D)  Budget? (How much do you plan to invest?)

E)  Bank transfer or paypal? (For non-€ only, if not agreed differently)

€-countries: Bank transfer

Worldwide : payment@bakkacosplay.com

F)  1 or 2 instalments, see payment?

G)  You approval of the terms and conditions. (We can tell if you read them; #EasterEgg) ;)

The options:

H)  Modified hairline? Which one?

I)  Tinted roots?
J)  Modified neck hairline? Which one?
K)  Which styling finishing level?
L)  Which Fixation? Clips or wig band?

M)  With adhesive kit? Which one?

N)  Side-/Undercut?

O)  Updo?

Detailed contact info:
- Full name, current shipping and billing adress:
- Current valid e-mail address and valid paypal-address:

- Current phone number with country code for your local post officers:
- Transfered calculation fee of 37€, via he same payment method as for the commission:

Please do not send voice messages.

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